What is Spellementary?

The revolutionary word-finding and all round literacy tool designed for students and employees with Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD’s) and used by everyone.

  • Unique word-finding functionality providing individuals with a different approach to spelling.
  • Intuitive for users with SpLD’s who struggle with silent letters, double letters, phonemes and other complex English language nuances.
  • Version 3 officially launched with new and improved features including Assistive Technology software integration with Audio Notetaker, ClaroRead, Dragon, Inspiration, MindManager, MindView, NoteTalker, Read & Write as well as the complete Microsoft© Office Suite.

Version 3 for DSA has it all

Spellementary 3 for DSA now comes exclusively as Elite edition and contains all features found in Standard / Advanced / Professional versions across both specialities - Legal and Medical. It's also platform invariant.

Contains Consecutive Characters

The “Contains Consecutive Characters” search method is useful for when you can recognise a specific part within a word. For example, with the word “bureaucratically” you may be 100% certain of “crat”. Typing “crat” into the Spellementary search will provide a list of all words that contain “crat” somewhere within their spelling.

Contains Sequential Characters

The “Contains Sequential Characters” search method allows the user to type in the letters they are certain appear in the word. For example, in the word onomatopoeia, you may recognise the “n” sound, the “mat” sound and the “p” sound. You type the letters in the search box in the order in which they appear. The software does the rest. The letters don’t need to be next to each other, only in sequence of their appearance.

Handshoe Mouse - the only mouse that fits like a glove!

Did you know that one in six workers are suffering from some form of RSI or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, mostly related to intensive use of a traditional computer mouse?
The HandShoe Mouse has been developed by a Dutch medical university and has been tested in a number of large organisations for almost two years. During these tests we saw many people who were suffering from RSI or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, returning to work.

The reason is that the unique and patented shape of the HandShoe Mouse fully supports your hand in the ideal relaxed position and prevents gripping and pinching, which is what occurs when you use a standard mouse.

Comes in different sizes - Depending on the size of your hand

Available for Right and Left Hand - You Can Even Use Both at the Same Time

Wired or Wireless Version - Communication via Unique RF Signal

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