Spellementary 2 builds upon the features of Spellementary 1.

Key Features

Spellementary assists users in finding the spellings of words that they know but may struggle to spell; the words may be in their mental capacity but not necessarily their written. It does this by operating 2 key search function mechanisms:

  • Contains consecutive characters
  • Contains sequential characters

Contains Consecutive Characters

When the user types in a string of letters into the search box, the “contains consecutive characters” results box displays all words that contain the exact, complete, string within the word as a complete unit; each letter being present in sequential and consecutive order within the resulting words e.g.:

Search String: “crat”

Contains Consecutive Characters Results Include: aristocrat, bureaucratically, crater

Contains Sequential Characters

When the user types in a string of letters into the search box, the “contains sequential characters” results box displays all words that contain all the letters of the search in the order that they appear (consecutiveness does not play a role). The searching mechanism looks for the 1st letter to appear within the word, then follows with the 2nd letter and so on. It identifies all words that contain all the characters within the search string, and the order in which they appear e.g.:

Search String: “nmatp”

Contains Consecutive Characters Results Include: onomatopoeia,


To further assist the user in isolating results, there is a “Starts With” (prefix) and “Ends With” (suffix) filtering system. If the user knows what letter/s that the word they are looking for starts or ends with, they are able to type this into the filtering system.

If the user is uncertain on a prefix or suffix, whether it is one spelling method or another e.g. kn or pn (n sound) they are able to enter multiple entries using a comma as the delimiter. This combines the results.

The filtering system contains commonly confused starts with spellings e.g n, kn, pn, mn and also commonly confused endings e.g. le, al, el

New Features

  • The “Starts With” and “Ends With” commonly confused options can now be fully customised by the user to display preferred options
  • A new minimum number of characters and maximum number of characters slide bar filter system has been added to further isolate results

Dictionary & Thesaurus

To affirm the user’s identification of a word, there is a dictionary definition presented to the user.

New Features

  • Larger lexicon list with over 350,000 entries
  • More comprehensive dictionary definitions
  • Popup dictionary display as well as permanent display
  • New Thesaurus feature
  • Popup thesaurus display as well as permanent display
  • New A-Z of Medicinal Drug Names added to the Medical Editions
  • New Primary School dictionary now available
  • New Secondary School dictionary now available


For words that the user consistently struggles to find the Favourites functions allows for words to be stored in a list, making it easier for the user to locate the word next time it is needed.
New Features

  • Export of favourites to allow printing and learning


Another affirmation tool is the sound function. For all headwords, there is a human pronunciation of the word available for playback. This further affirms to the user whether the word they have identified is correct.
New Features

  • A larger audio pool with over 80,000 pronunciation

New Features to Version 2

Mode Switching

Spellementary 2 offers a dictionary mode. This overrides the Spellementary contains consecutive character searching mechanism and only displays results when a correct word is written in full within the search, for example:

Search String: “pull”

Contains Consecutive Characters Results only displays the word: pull (not ampulla, pulley)


Spellementary 2 remembers all words that are looked up, useful for:

  • teachers who want to monitor a student’s progress
  • users to go back to a previously looked up word

If the same word is looked up multiple separate occasions the user is prompted if they want it saved to their favourites. There is also an auto save to favourites after a specified number of times that the word has been looked up.


Spellementary 2 now offers a profiles system, enabling a single computer account having multiple users operate within it. This allows each user to have their own customisation even under a single Windows or Mac account.

Customisable Shortcuts

Spellementary 2 now enables the user to assign their own shortcut keys to a wide variety of product features.

Mouse Events

Mouse events allows the user to assign a function when a word is double clicked anywhere in the main application, including the dictionary and thesaurus. Functions can also be assigned to treble clicking but this is only for words that appear in the results lists.

Online Searching

If after looking up a word in Spellementary the user wants more information, there is the facility for online searching by right-clicking on any word in the main interface. There are some preprogramed searches but the user also has the option to add their own search providers.

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