Be in the moment with the Notetalker voice recorder app!

No more scribbling notes on sheets of paper. Or missing out on a key point. Or having someone talking over the top of your head. Notetalker’s got it all down, so you can relax.

With the Notetalker app on your smartphone or tablet, you can simply record the conversation and replay it later, in the peace and quiet of your own office or study.

Need to highlight? Notetalker lets you bookmark the audio anytime and even take photos. So whether you’re in a meeting, lecture, interview or conference, you get to be fully ‘in the moment.’

Upload your recording and then start to make better notes with Notetalker Edit software for Windows and Mac PCs.

Remember those key points:

  •     Play back recordings, as many times as you need
  •     Edit or move your bookmarks and create files
  •     Return to a key point you’ve bookmarked
  •     Attach images to your notes to jog your memory
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