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ARE YOU A DSA STUDENT & DO YOU HAVE YOUR OWN COMPUTER? REMTEK can now offer warranty, insurance and support for the length of your course and SFE WILL PROVIDE THE FUNDING*

SFE will now fund specialist warranty, insurance and support for student-owned computers.

Prior to this, students who purchased their own computers may have used a similar service provided by a non-specialist supplier. As a DSA specialist supplier, REMTEK has the expertise and means to address disabled students’ requirements that high-street or online suppliers do not.

To arrange our specialist service, the student will need to follow these steps:

1. The student contacts us after they have received their DSA2 letter. 2. We ask for a copy of the student’s invoice and survey their computer*. 3. We prepare a quote for the service package required. 4. The student pays us for this package and submits the invoice to SFE.  5. SFE reimburses the student for the full cost. 6. The student receives a complete cover for support, repairs and insurance service.

*Subject to eligibility. The computer must be no older than 3 years.

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