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What you can expect

As part of your DSA funding you will receive insurance for your equipment. You will shortly be contacted by Nevett and Taylor with full details of your insurance and can expect it to cover the following:

  • Cover is for all of the equipment you receive including software
  • Cover is for accidental damage, fire, theft and malicious damage to your equipment
  • Worldwide cover, meaning it is covered for any of the above perils anywhere in the world
  • You will NOT have to pay any excess following a claim

You can expect to receive from Nevett and Taylor the following:

  • A policy schedule Full policy wording
  • A key facts document detailing the main points of the policy

Care of your equipment

It is important that you maintain good care of your equipment. Whilst you are covered under your insurance for many eventualities, claims can be time consuming. Nevett and Taylor have covered some important points for best practice in looking after your equipment.

  • Always carry your equipment in the carry case provided even when moving rooms
  • Never pick a laptop up by the screen
  • Don’t leave pens or other items on the keyboard
  • Don’t drink near your equipment, spilt drinks can and do happen
  • Do not leave on the floor
  • Don’t leave your equipment unattended as it can invalidate a theft claim
  • If an accident does occur contact Nevett and Taylor immediately
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